Saturday, March 16, 2013


You'd think that in today's modern world, connecting something like this blog to Facebook, Twitter, etc., would be exceedingly easy. Apple integrated Facebook into IOS6 for crying out loud... (although I'm certain not without financial incentive to do so) so why make it so difficult to integrate Blogger with Facebook? I understand that Google considers itself a competitor of Facebook, but seriously, how many people are using G+?

In this case, it would be much appreciated and a matter of customer service to make this process painless. Instead, I've had to resort to a third party software to do this operation for me (short of my own ability to simply post the link in my status on FB after every post, but this is so much simpler) and in the process I've built up yet another layer of resentment towards Google. A shame too, as I love Gmail, Calendar, Picasa, and so many other Google features; however, don't think I wouldn't jump ship if something better came along now. Google has done nothing to earn my loyalty.

Especially after Android. But that's another story for another day...

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